It’s often fascinating to see someone vaping, with a rich, thick aroma wafting off them, and a hefty cloud of perfectly bodied smoke issuing from their mouths.

e-cigarette beginner

While there have been several discussions on the concept of vaping, and some people disagree with it as an acceptable public activity, you cannot deny that it looks cool! And when you consider the fact that it is not damaging either to the environment, or the human body and its surroundings, you really have a great product on your hands.

Vaping for Beginners

As good as it is, the world of vaping is quite expansive, and there is too much in it for the new vaping enthusiast to process in one go. There are vape types, there are flavors and there are coal varieties to choose from. All of this combines to make vaping a confusing realm for the complete beginner. Fortunately, there are only a few basics that need to be understood, in order to start vaping. Said basics are as below.

Types of Vaping Tools

The vaporizer is the basic implement for vaping. It is a pen-shaped object out of which the smoke is inhaled, and then exhaled. The basic purpose of the atomizer is to convert the liquid into vapor, which can then be smoked. This is done by heating whatever is in the tank (containment area) of the vaporizer, and allowing the vapors to flow through to the mouth of the user. There are several kinds of vaporizer available in the market, some of which are as below:

  • E-Cigarette :The simplest version resembles a cigarette in build. It is used mostly by those who wish to have a light dosage of smoke, since it does not have the vaporizing capability of bigger vape tools. It is the most easily portable type as well.
  • Vape Pen: This is a slightly bigger version of the e-cig but it functions in basically the same way. It does produce more smoke though and is bigger in dimensions too. Vape pens offer more versatility, as they can be used for marijuana and waxes as well, by changing the inner components to suit your material of choice.
  • Portable Vaporizer: This is the larger and more versatile version of the vape pen, and it also has more options for the user. There are multiple temperature settings on it (though some vape pens also have those), they can be used for multiple materials, and they produce a much better vaping experience due to the high volume of smoke they produce. They are a bit bulky though, which makes them difficult to conceal.
  • Desk/Tabletop Vaporizers: These are mostly used as communal vapinginstruments, and they sometimes resemble the hookah in design. They are far too large and complicated to be carried, however they offer a vaping experience like no other, as well as full-bodied and thick smoke.

Important: When purchasing vaping implements, be sure to ask the supplier for extra heating coils and reservoirs, since these will come in handy later, as replacement parts.

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