If you are an experienced vaping enthusiast, you will have surely gone shopping for vaping liquids, and found yourself confused by the various measurements on the packets. Some of those packets may even have different measuring units, which can be quite confusing and sometimes even harmful to you, since you will be taking in nicotine at a much higher concentration that what is recommended or what you would normally use.

How to determine the amount of Nicotine in your Vaping Liquid

If you have stared aimlessly at the container of a vaping liquid bottle, trying to figure out how much nicotine is in there, following is a guide to helping you understand the measuring units and system for nicotine strength in vape liquids.

mg/mL Measurement

if you see the ‘mg/mL’ unit on the vaping liquid container, it means the amount of nicotine is in milligrams per milliliter. To calculate the total nicotine content in the vaping liquid bottle, you can multiply the nicotine value by the total volume of the bottle.

For example, if your bottle has ‘5mg/mL’ stated on the container, and it is a 10mL bottle, you can multiply 5 by 10, to get the total nicotine amount, which will be 50 in this case. Know that nicotine content can go higher as well as lower, depending on your individual taste and the brand/flavor of the vaping liquid.

Percentage Measurement

A percentage measurement system is much simpler to understand, especially for the new vaping enthusiast. This is because the percentage measurement system simply tells how much of the contents of the bottle is nicotine. This means that is a bottle says ‘1%’, it means that 1 percent of the liquid in the bottle is nicotine. While it is not a very exact measure of the nicotine content, it is accurate, and can be used to make the selection process a lot easier.

Density and Solubility of Nicotine

Nicotine is generally very soluble in water, since the density of nicotine is the same as water. This means that it can dissolve very easily in the liquid, and will usually be in the exact measurement as given on the packet of the bottle. However, in some cases, the container may be misleading, in which case, it is a good idea to purchase your vaping device from a professional who is aware of all the necessary details such as nicotine content and which brand is of better quality.

Important: Vaping is not a medically certified alternative to smoking, and should not be considered so. While it does present a number of benefits, it is not a complete cure for nicotine addiction. Always consult a medical professional before purchasing a vape device and vaping liquids.

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