We all wish we had an unlimited supply of cash in order to buy all the vape products we are lusting after. However, if you are like most people, you only have a certain amount of cash that you can put towards vape supplies each month. It might seem like shopping online is the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck. But, let’s take a closer look at what you really get for your money when you decide to either purchase online or in a local vape shop.
When shopping online there are certain advantages which are hard to ignore. First, online stores often provide a wide selection and it is easy to browse a large selection of products on various sites while also comparing prices. It is also easy to find deals online and in general, prices are usually low. Second, there is absolutely no risk of crossing paths with a pushy sales person when you buy online. For some people, the risk of being cornered by a guy that just won’t take no for an answer is reason enough to stay home and shop online. Last, ordering online and getting vape mail a few days later is pretty exciting. Sure, you have to delay the gratification but, when your package does arrive it feels like Christmas morning as you unwrap this little gift you purchased just a few days ago.
Buying online isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though, there are some negative aspects to consider. First, while the price may seem low, once you add in shipping fees the prices are often equal to those you would find in a retail shop. Second, you have to wait. Yes, getting vape mail is fun, but can you really afford to wait a few days when you need something right away? What if you break your tank or run out of juice? Ordering online in these cases may not be feasible. Last, sometimes you need advice from a knowledgeable person who not only knows the specs of the products you are considering, but has also used these products and is familiar with their quirks. When shopping online, you are limited to pictures and manufacturer specs and you aren’t afforded the opportunity to ask specific questions.
Even though the advantages to buying online are clear, there are many people that prefer to buy their vape supplies in a vape shop. Let’s explore the advantages to shopping local before we draw any conclusions.
First, a brick and mortar store is more than just a place to buy stuff. Vape shops are usually dynamic, fun, and welcoming places where members of the vape community gather not only to make purchases, but also to chat, make friends, attend events, and share their opinions on new vape products and liquids. Second, vape shops are also the first stop for smokers that are looking to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. As a new vaper, the amount of choices online might be overwhelming and intimidating. A brick and mortar shop can help new vapers wade through the vast amount of products and vape lingo and get them started on the device that fits their needs and budget best. This kind of individualized help is not something that can be found on a website. Next, vape shops give you the unique opportunity to hear instant feedback about products and their performance from real people that have actually used them. Often times, when you ask a vape shop employee their opinion about a product you will hear their response as well as the response of the other customers that are hanging out in the shop. Many times, you can chat with other vapers you meet in the shop to see what products they are personally loving at the moment. Last, in a vape shop you have the opportunity to touch and hold all the products as well as the chance to taste the liquids. This experience ensures that you are spending your hard earned dollars on a product that you truly love.
Just as there are drawbacks to buying online, there are some disadvantages to buying in a brick and mortar shop as well. First, pricing in a vape shop can be higher than buying online. However, if the price is just a few dollars higher, it may be worth spending those few extra dollars supporting a local business and engaging with your local vape community members. If the price gap is significant, it may be wiser to purchase online or ask for a discount in the shop. The worst that can happen is that they say no and at best, they may be willing to lower the price or even price match the online retailer. Next, some sales people can just be downright unpleasant. If you enter a vape shop and you feel pressured or you experience un-ethical sales tactics – turn around and leave immediately. That shop doesn’t deserve your business. There are PLENTY of friendly and caring vape shops out there, don’t let one bad egg turn you off from what can be such a fun and rewarding shopping experience. Third, aside from the pricing, you are limited to the stock that the vape shop has on hand. For example, they may have that new mod you were looking for but they may not have the right color. When you shop online, you can always just visit another website if the product you want is out of stock. When shopping in a brick and mortar store, it may be inconvenient to have to drive from store to store looking for exactly what you want. Last, another drawback to brick and mortar shops is that you are limited to the shops store hours and you may not be able to purchase what you want when you want.

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