A Squonk Mod or Box Bottom feeder is a Mod for experts. Equipped with a Bottle directly integrated in the body of the box, it allows feed the dripper with liquid by a simple pressure on the bottle. Discover our selection of Squonk Mods in Denver, Aurora Colorado and on our online Vape store with same day Delivery.

Suitable for experts this Mod is equipped with a liquid tank. Also called Bottom feeder Box. it is designed to supply ejuice to an atomizer from below, thanks to a pump system. The bottle of liquid integrated into the box is indeed designed in a flexible material in order to push the liquid by a simple finger pressure. This is why we use the term Squonk or Squeeze to refer to this system.
A Squonk Mod can also be an electro mod box or a Mech mod. The only difference is the presence of a liquid reservoir in the body of the box. Note however that there are modular mods that can be transformed into a bottom feeder simply by changing the cover.

Even though it might sound complex, this type of Mod is very convenient and very easy to use. In simple terms these Squonk devices combine rebuildable dripping atomizers with a large tank that you can refill with a simple squeeze. It allows you to have the best of a dripper combined with the reliability of a mod and tank all in one.
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NOTE: the rechargeable battery is not always supplied, and you may need to order one separately.

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