Vaping is one of the latest in a wave of new, healthy trends which are taking the world by storm. Right up there with the modern healthy eating revolution, vaping burst onto the scene and completely changed the way people partook in stress relief and addiction feeding (without actually feeding addictions!). Users of vaping instruments took full advantage of the versatility and facility provided by the concept, which promised on a gradual and permanent cure for nicotine addictions.

4 Ways in Which Vaping took over Smoking

The rise of vaping has been nothing short of astronomical. This is due to some noted advantages that vape users enjoy over conventional smoking implements. Some of those advantages are as follows:

1) Very little chance of contacting diseases:

Unless you share a vape pen used by someone else with a disease, there is very little to no chance of you getting any ailments due to vaping. This is because of the almost negligible and sometimes nonexistent amount of nicotine in most vaping liquids. Additionally, a vaporizer can also be used for materials other than vaping liquids. Dry herbs, waxes and oils can also be used in a vaporizer, which further reduces the chances of cancers.

2) Vaping Versatility

If you wish to go out on a Sunday lunch and bring something for after the food, a vape pen is the perfect choice. If you are hosting a dinner party and want to relax with your friends, a tabletop vaporizer is ideal. If you are traveling and want to bring your vaping with you, a portable vaporizer is best. If you want to look like you’re holding a cigarette in your hand, albeit without the obnoxious smell and lung cancer chances, an e-cig is perfect. With so many choices, it is no surprise that vaping has taken over.

3) An almost Endless list of Flavors

Vaping liquids are available is a range of flavors that seems to be never-ending, and containing some of the most unique and inventive flavors. If you a rich, thick smoke profile with an energy drink flavor, you will be swamped with options for which energy drink! If you desire for classic pipe smoke aromas but with a modern, smooth taste, you will find ample options. When flavor is considered, nothing beats vaping. What’s more is that further flavors continue to be developed.

4) Huge Savings as compared to Smoking

A vaping liquid can run for a very long time, even longer than several packs of cigarettes if you have a standard sized bottle. This equates to huge savings in terms of cost, which can add up to a budget-friendly habit!

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