Starter Kits are a phenomenal way to get the best bang for your buck and get in to a great set up and begin or continue your vaping journey! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite kits on the market right now!

Best CVS ( closed vaping system) : PHIX by MLV

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Times have seen the rise of Closed System Vaping and many products have arrived on the very competitive market. Our favorite right now is the PHIX by MLV. This small and lightweight pod-style device is perfect for flavor and nicotine delivery. Similar to others such as the JUUL, the pods are replaceable “plug-and-go” style. However, some awesome innovations have been made in the PHIX that brought it to our top list. With the typical pod capacity for pod-style systems ranging from .7-.9mL, the massive 1.5mL capacity of the PHIX pods allow the user to vape longer without changing pods. In addition to this, the battery is designed for an average of 200 puffs per full charge (which is half of a pod) (PHIX Vapor, 2017). The new trend in Closed System Vaping has left us loving this awesome compact and discreet device.

Best Pen Style: SMOK Stick V8 Kit

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Pen-style vaping devices have always been around, however modern technology has seen a rise in high-powered devices in a simple-to-use and low-maintenance package such as the Stick V8 Kit by SMOK. This affordable pen-style device uses a Big Baby Beast Tank with a direct voltage (non-variable) pen to power it. The tank holds 5mL of e-liquid and gives an incredible amount of flavor and vapor production for its size. The coils used in this device need to be monitored, as the pen requires only a certain few. The M2 Baby Beast Coils are most recommended, however the Q2 or the X4 coils can be used with caution. This pen is definitely a great deal and an amazing set-up for any vaper.

Best Variable Under 100w: iStick Pico 25

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This category of kits is far-reaching and widely-spread, with almost every major device manufacturer providing at least one unit. However, while many are extremely similar, our favorite of the time is the Pico 25. This outstanding device is an 85 watt compatible, single 18650, sturdy all-around device. The mod itself can hold a tank up to 25mm, allowing the user much room for personalization and cross-compatibility. However, the tank that comes on the mod is the ELLO tank boasting 2mL of juice capacity and allowing either the proprietary coils to be used or cross-compatible Baby Beast coils to be used. This complete package is an extremely great deal and is a perfect fit for anyone.

Best Variable Over 100w: SMOK Alien 220 Kit

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Not a surprising pick here. Most lists of this fashion have this kit somewhere on them. This dual-18650 device is a great stepping stone for a vaper moving up to higher power, or for someone who wants low wattage vaping with extensive battery life. The 220 watt mod allows the user to personalize the device in many ways and grow with it throughout their vaping experience. The tank in this kit is the Baby Beast tank holding 3mL of e-liquid can utilize a variety of coils ranging in wattage from 30-160 depending on the coil itself. Thus, this kit is the ultimate kit for those who want versatility and performance while maintaining their price point and not requiring much maintenance. Great Deal!






















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