Are you looking for quality at first glance and a smooth finish, The Nord PRO is definitely what you’ve been looking for. As one of the newest pod systems from SMOK, the Nord PRO offers a superior performance with two activation modes: auto-draw and button-triggered. This simple yet elegant pod is not only light weight, but it is designed to be portable and durable.


Colorful and Attractive?

Did I mention that the Nord PRO comes in 10 different colors? from the cool and colorful Prismatic IML Series to the more neutral and elegant black or white.


Components and Specifications

The Nord PRO is 96mm x 18.9mm x 29mm and it only weights 71 grams, but that’s not all, the Nord pro contains a 1100mAh battery that can reach a maximum output of 25W, which is pleasing to those looking for that ultimate draw.


Two Ways One Device

The Nord PRO has two modes, automatic draw and button triggered. Just triple click the button to turn on and off. Once off, slip into your purse, back or back pocket and take it with you anywhere you go.


Safe for Children?

Yes you heard that right, the Nord Pro pod uses a unique lock designed to prevent kids access to the the pod!


Not Like the Other Pods!

Nord Pro is the real deal when it comes to Pro Performance as it offers two optional intake modes (06. coil, 0.9 coil) to intake different amounts of air. The meshed 0.6 coil focuses on exquisite flavor and dense clouds and the 0.9 coil focuses on heat distribution and delicate flavors. On top of these, the Nord Pro pod has an intelligent detection that makes it easy to understand the device status.


Nord Pro Pod Kit

This kit is all you need, check it out.