Disposable Vapes have regained traction in the vaping community and have evolved, bringing in new technology and improvements in design, capacity, and utilization. From the days of Puff Bars, these new disposable vapes have improved with different and upgraded features while still upholding the functionality and simplicity that made them popular. With some cool features like adjustable airflow control, larger capacities up to 16.7mL, and even dual flavor options, this new wave of disposable vapes are a welcome addition to the vaping market segment.

When disposable vapes first came out, many of them had the classic Puff Bar shape, delivering up to 200-300 puffs as they had a capacity of 1.3mL with 280mAh integrated battery. This slim profile made them incredibly portable and easy to use, as they operated off a draw-activated firing mechanism. Nowadays, disposal vapes on the market still maintain the draw-activated firing mechanism, but have improved on their capacities, heating elements, and battery sizes, with some offering a rechargeable battery to ensure all the eJuice can be utilized before being disposed of.



Adjustable Airflow Control

Some disposable vapes on the market today utilize adjustable airflow, allowing the user to control the amount of air rushing into the device to produce better flavor or more vapor. This airflow adjustment can usually be found at the base of the device on a rotating ring, similar to conventional sub-ohm tanks. Some of the prime examples of adjustable airflow control vapes are the Hyppe MAX Flow Disposable Vape and Big Bar MAX Flow Duo Disposable Vape.



Dual Flavors

Dual flavored disposables are a new addition to the vaping market segment, adding a whole different flavor dimension to the vaping experience. Usually set with a complementary flavor, these dual flavored disposable vapes can access the second flavor through a switch or button at the bottom of the device, allowing the user to select and vape their preferred flavor. Some devices, like the Hyppe Max Flow DUO Disposable Vape, change flavors by switching a rubber plug to block the airflow near the drip tip, preventing the draw-activated firing of the internal heating element.

Priming Systems

Priming Systems are a relatively new function on many disposable vapes on the market at the moment. In the past this was relatively unheard of, however, with the larger capacities and experience learned from their predecessors, disposable manufacturers learned that the time spent from manufacturing to the end consumer’s hand could deteriorate the eJuice if it was already presoaked into the wicking medium and heating element. To fix this problem, many manufacturers began using a plunger or stopper to prevent the eJuice from wicking, allowing customers to prime the coil themselves to preserve the freshness of the eJuice loaded within. Don’t forget to give the cotton within time to wick, or else you will experience a nasty dry hit that will ruin the entire disposable vape.


Another useful feature that has been introduced to disposable vapes is a rechargeable battery. As disposable vape’s batteries can begin losing their charge, due to prolonged storage or weather conditions, the rechargeable nature of disposable vapes becomes a necessity especially as the many of the prefilled capacities have been increased considerably. The rechargeable nature of disposables is convenient as many of them utilize MicroUSB or Type-C USB charging cables that can be readily found with a myriad of electronic devices.

Mesh Heating Element

Many disposable vapes are switching over to mesh heating elements for rapid and even heating, preventing spit back while creating consistent vapor and flavor. Found in many disposables, such as the Hyppe and Monster Vape Disposable Vapes, mesh heating elements utilize less power to heat up, prolonging the battery life within.

With all these new improvements to Disposable Vapes, they are much more versatile and last even longer, making them a better bang for your buck while still maintaining the high degree of portability and keeping them simple to use. Many manufacturers are also leaning towards non-tobacco nicotine, helping smooth out the flavor and harshness of the vape itself. With the larger capacities, each disposable vape lasts longer and are made in a higher quality manner that prevents less duds and less disposables that are dead on arrival.