Are you a vape lover? If yes, you must want to know about the new innovation of the Voopoo kit. The loop kit was developed for all aesthetic vape lovers. This vape is inspired by the mysterious pillars of ancient Romans. All the kits provided by Voopoo are designed with the perfect stylish look with a long-life battery. You can take voopoo doric 20 kit easily anywhere and take a sip to complete your cravings.

Everything you should know about Voopoo doric 20 kit & Voopoo doric 60 kit

Voopoo Doric 60 pod Mod kitVOOPOO Doric 60 Kit for sale

This voopoo doric 60 kit comes with an amazingly lightweight design and exquisite size. It brings so many features that you will never imagine. This kit is featured with the innovative infinite airflow system that works in 2 modes auto mode and button mode. It allows vape lovers to switch them easily from
DTL to MTL vaping. Voopoo Doric 60 Pod Kit comes with a 2500mah battery with type-C fast charging. The Doric 60 pod comes with the GENE chip that has an output of 5-60W. It has three colors of LED lights that look amazing and have a 4.5ml magnet cartridge. The best thing about this is it has a bottom filling design and is compatible with the PNP coils.

Features of Voopoo Doric 60 pod Mod kit :

  • This kit comes with a minimalist design and portable format
  • The kit contains an Internal 2500mah battery, with Type-C fast charging
  • It has three colors LED lights in its body that indicates the performance
  • It is manufactured with an infinite airflow system that helps you to turn from DTL to MTL vaping
  • Voopoo Doric 60 kit offers Auto or button modes
  • The whole package will come with the 4.5ml magnet cartridge GENE chip
  • The kit is compatible with the PNP coils and applicable for maximum power protection
  • This is an ideal choice for Output over-current & Over-discharge protection
  • It brings protection features starting from the Short-circuit, Overtime protection, and Over-temperature protection.

Voopoo Doric 20 Pod System Kit

VOOPOO Doric 20 Kit review
This portable vape is compatible with the MTL pod system. It perfectly fits with your hand and vaping requirements. This kit is powered with a 1500mah battery with type-C fast charging. The kit comes with the auto & button modes features with the blinking LED lights. This pod tank is designed in a leakproof side filling design and is compatible with all ITO series coils. The displays of this kit are made with modern intelligence atomization technology. This is manufactured after years of research, and that’s why it satisfies your lungs and calms down your cravings. It has 3 level anti-leaking technologies that prevent the liquid from leakage.

Features of Voopoo Doric 20 Pod System Kit :

  • The voopoo new kit is manufactured with a convenient grip and matte finish
  • It has a 1500mah internal battery with type-C fast charging quality
  • LED lights with MTL vaping features
  • The kit comes with the Auto or button modes
  • The kit comes to the market by holding a 2ml cartridge with a leakproof side filling design
  • This is also compatible with the ITO series coils


If anyone wants to try some new vape modes, these two can be a good choice for you!