Guide to Buying Your First Vape Starter Kit

Buying your first e-cigarette starter kit may seem daunting, especially when you have no clue where to start and there’s a myriad of options available. The good thing about vape and vape pen starter kits is that each type comes with similar features though, so once you get used to one starter kit, it’s easier to get into all the others. In addition, all vape kits operate almost identically, consisting of the same working parts: a battery, coil, tank, and mouthpiece. So when you understand how they work and how to use them, it’s easy to get on and go far in your vaping journey.

It’s recommended that vaping newbies begin their vaping journey with a starter kit. It comes with a complete package, including the charger, so you won’t need to buy separate parts and risk getting confused. Starter kits are also packed with different e-juice flavours to try, so you can explore which kinds of liquids you’ll like.

With an extensive range of starter kit options available, choosing your first can get overwhelming. This guide will show you which factors to consider when shopping for a starter kit.



How Do You Smoke?

Your current smoking habits will help you determine your vaping or electronic cigarette requirements. For instance, how many cigarettes do you smoke a day? Or what kind of cigarette brand do you smoke? Something to take note of is that vapour cigarettes have two different categories: MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung). MTL vapes are for those who draw on the vape before inhaling the vapour. Thus, this type will feel most similar to smoking cigarettes. On the other hand, DTL vapes are for those who prefer to breathe the vapour straight in, like smoking shisha.



What Vape Should I Buy as a Beginner?


Pod Mod Starter Kits

Pod mods, also known as the pod system or vape pods, are e-cigarettes that come with small detachable pods. Vape pods are also easy to use and maintain while giving you an intense and flavourful vaping experience.

The latest vaping technology, vape pods or pod systems deliver a unique vaping experience by giving you the closest similar experience to smoking a traditional cigarette. This makes it easier for people to switch to vaping if they want to stop smoking cigarettes. Having detachable pods also allows you to explore vape juices with options of replacing pre-filled pods or refillable cartridges.


Vape Pen Kits

Vape pens are the most portable type of vaping device with slim, cylindrical, pen-like bodies. They are comparably the most uncomplicated and easiest to use.

Vape pen starter kits also have excellent battery power and wattage output. They produce billows of vapour that drift smoothly into your lungs, instead of an intense cigarette-like feeling, making it an ideal choice for direct-to-lung style of vaping.

What’s more, vaporiser pens have customisable settings that let you adjust wattage output, mouth-to-lung preferences, choose sub-ohm tank pairings and more.

They have a built-in refillable tank or clearomiser where you keep your e-juice. You can also save a lot with a replaceable tank and coil.

You can adjust the airflow levels with an airflow control ring or lever. The battery also provides power output adjustments and other features such as LED battery light indicators. Typically, you’d have to hit the fire button to inhale the vapour, unlike mod pods that are usually auto-firing.


Box Mod & Vape Mod Kits

Box mod or vape mod starter kits allow more customisation. Hence, they’re a bit more complicated than the other two e-cigarette starter kits. But if you’re willing to full-on dive into vaping, then you might get excited with all the tinkering and customisation you can do with box mod kits.

Choosing your first vape mod starter kit can be confusing, but plenty of e-cigarette brands offer great starter kits. However, because they provide multiple customisation options and accessories, they are more expensive than the others. If you want to go deep into vaping, then this is the vaping device you want.

Some vape mod starter kits also feature fancy OLED screens with vast customisation options, such as adjustable wattage, temperature control and voice recognition software.



Some vape mod starter kits also feature fancy OLED screens with vast customisation options, such as adjustable wattage, temperature control and voice recognition software.