Vaping is the latest in a number of trends to have taken over the world by storm and inspire a huge number of people to adopt it. The activity, which has been hailed as a much safer alternative to smoking and smoke inhalation of other kinds, is being adopted by everyone, from common people to the biggest celebrities in the world.
The reasons for this are many, and are all well-known; which is the biggest reason for a number of dedicated smokers changing their preferred form of nicotine intake.

Here’s Why Vaping is Beneficial as compared to Smoking

If you are one of the aforementioned dedicated smokers, and are curious about how vaping is better for you as compared to smoking, you are in the right place. Following is a list of reasons why vaping is better for you, than cigarettes.

1) Vaping does not impact the lungs as drastically as smoking

If you have done the cotton in a bottle experiment with a cigarette in science class, you probably remember how the cotton starts to discolor and go dark after 30 seconds or so. This is due to the tar present in cigarette tobacco; along with a number of chemicals that your body does not take well to. You will not have this problem with vaping, since there are few to no harmful chemicals in most e-liquids, with the best quality products being completely devoid of dangerous ingredients.

2) There are no visible long-term effects of vaping

Smokers are often recognizable by their darkened lips and yellowed teeth, not to mention the prominent signs of ageing that occur in those who are habitual. Vaping does not yellow the teeth, darken the lips or finger tips, and it certainly does not develop signs of ageing and stress.

3) Vape liquids come in a variety of flavors

Cigarettes are almost never flavored throughout. They may come with a flavored filter, but that too, goes out after a short while; consumed by the smell of the smoke. Vape liquids have hundreds upon hundreds of flavors, with some varieties of liquids even featuring natural flavors. This is extremely beneficial for those who want a sweet taste with their smoke, as well as some aesthetic appeal, due to the full-bodied and heavy nature of the smoke.

4) Vaping helps people quit conventional smoking

Yes, you read that right! Vaping actually helps people get over the addiction. It is still not clear as to how this is accomplished (by gradually eliminating chemical intake while emulating the physical action of smoking, or by supplying smaller and smaller amounts of addictive, till the person quits), however, the results are well known.
Important: While it has numerous benefits, vaping is not a complete cure for smoking addiction. If you are trying to quit smoking, always consult your doctor before adopting alternative methods.

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