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Whether you are new to e-cigarettes or a regular to vaping, it’s always important to mindful of the quality of your e-liquids. The concentration levels of the ingredients can greatly affect your vaping experience, so it’s best to remember these helpful tips when choosing an e-juice from your Denver vapor shop.

Tips for Choosing an E-Juice

Choosing the right e-liquid out of the vast options available today can seem overwhelming. Here’s a few tips to consider when finding a great option:

  • Water level: Inexpensive e-juices may contain a higher amount of water, which will cause the e-juice to vaporize faster and dilute the flavorings.
  • Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol: These two ingredients are the binding agents in the e-juice that hold together the flavors and the nicotine. Vegetable glycerin is made from either coconut or palm oil resulting in an enjoyable taste and pleasant aroma derived from the flavors in the e-juice. Propylene glycol is a chemical found in hygiene items and food colorings. This ingredient is responsible for supplying the throaty feeling of smoking nicotine. Generally, it’s recommended to seek out a 50/50 mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as a starting point to determine whether you want a smoother vaping experience or a stronger throat sensation of inhaling smoke.
  • Food-grade flavorings: Premium versus regular e-juices will give you a greater depth in taste and aroma. Organic e-juices made from vegetable glycerin or ethyl alcohol are also available if you prefer flavors derived from certified organic compounds.
  • Nicotine: E-juices are offered in nicotine levels beginning from 0 mg up to 24 mg. Your choice of nicotine strength will be based on how many cigarettes you smoked prior to making the switch to e-cigarettes. Your Denver vapor shop can help you determine what concentration level you should pick.
  • Additives: Inexpensive e-juices may contain harmful ingredients, such as acetoin and diacetyl. Both of these chemicals can be harmful when inhaled, so try to avoid any e-juice that contains these ingredients.

Vapor Shop Denver

With the extensive variety of e-juices available in vapor shops today, you may be overwhelmed with an e-juice selection. At Denver Electronic Cigarettes, we are knowledgeable about every product we carry and will help you find the best e-juice that will fit your taste and preference. Come down to our Denver vapor shop at 4340 E. Kentucky Ave., 142, and let us assist you in choosing your next e-juice.

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