In line with our commitment to bring you the newest and best products on the e-cigarette and vaping market, we are pleased to announce that we are the only store in Colorado that carries the “King of the Cloud” premium juice line.

This particular juice line is the newest collection of eliquids put out by Vaper’s Knoll, a company known for its exceptional, high-end products. If you can’t tell by the intriguing artwork on the packaging of its 7 gourmet flavors, the “King of the Cloud” premium juice line pleases even the most discerning vaping fan, who will undoubtedly include one or more of these flavors into their e-juice line-up.

The “King of the Cloud” Premium Juice Line

  • Ambrosia: If you are in search of subtle daily juice, this blend of citrus and coconuts is what you need.
  • Canella Vanilla: Did you order dessert? This fan-favorite flavor takes the bark of the West Indian tree, better known as canella, and mixes it with vanilla, cake batter and caramel.
  • Lucid Dreams: Let’s stop for a minute and appreciate the gourmet blend of this flavor — mint, blueberry bourbon, cinnamon and cocoa.
  • Lunar Harvest: Are you feeling giddy? Lunar Harvest takes the candy store and puts it into this flavor of berries, rock candy, and blue cotton candy.
  • Smokeless Symphony: For the e-juice connoisseur, this blend delivers a strong tobacco flavor with overtones of caramel, spices and honey
  • Tempest Tides: A tropical getaway is waiting for you with succulent notes of sweet grapefruit and pineapple.
  • Wicked Nectar: This isn’t your grandma’s cup tea. It starts off innocent enough with a hint of honey and a splash of lemon, but your exhale gets wicked with a rush of anise.

Visit Denver Electronic Cigarettes Today

When choosing an e-juice product, you should be aware that some of the least expensive products on the market contain additives that may be harmful to your health, which is why you should seriously consider making the move to top quality products like those offered by the “King of the Cloud” premium juice line. With this e-juice line, Vaper’s Knoll has created a product that incorporates pure, high quality ingredients to give you a gourmet taste.

To top it off, Denver Electronic Cigarettes is the only store in Colorado that stocks these top-of-the-line e-juices! Stop in today and upgrade to the “King of the Cloud” premium juice line – you’ll be glad you gave it an inhale. You can find us at 4340 E. Kentucky Ave, #142, Denver, CO 80246 or call us at (720) 234-8717 and let us assist you in picking out one of these exciting flavors to try today.

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