The DHC Tank by Isk is a forerunner in the atomizer world. This product’s features rival the priciest of atomizers without sacrificing performance and all at a price you can get behind. Yet, despite its low cost, Isk’s DHC Tank still manages to outdo its competitors with its huge vapor output.

About the DHC Tank

With the DHC Tank creating this exceptional amount of vapor with each inhale, you can maximize the quality of your experience while minimizing the cost to your pocket. The DHC Tank by Isk boasts ease of assembly and replaceable parts that are not hard to find, which is contrary to the difficulty you may run into with locating parts for other atomizers currently on the market.

The best part of Isk’s DHC Tank is that it’s fully customizable with a variety of colors from which to choose. At Denver Electronic Cigarettes, we’re impressed by the performance of the DHC Tank, the color options available, and its high-end double heating coil. After trying out the DHC Tank, we were doubly impressed when we saw the price of $10.95. We all agree that you have to give the DHC Tank a try; you might just make the switch!

Product Details

Capacity: 2.2 ml; capacity is visible with a clear scale line

Resistance: 1.9/2.2 ohm; replaceable

Atomizer: Wax

Coil: Double heating; replaceable coil head

Colors: Wide array of colors

Other Features: Huge vapor output; simple assembly

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