As with any strategy employed to quit smoking, you must be wise in your approach and steadfast in your dedication to its success. In choosing e-cigarettes as your avenue to quit smoking, you have given yourself the benefit of a stress-free step-down process that allows you to slowly lower your nicotine levels until your e-cigarette juice is nicotine-free.

The Denver Electronic Cigarettes team wants to support you in your healthy and smart choice to quit smoking via e-cigarettes, so here are 3 tips for successfully switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes:Quit Cigarettes Denver ECigs

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. At Denver Electronic Cigarettes, we always welcome first-time e-cigarette customers and routinely work with those unfamiliar with the process and confused with what to buy to get started.
  2. Carefully count how many cigarettes per day you smoke and be honest about that number when speaking with the Denver Electronic Cigarettes staff.  Some smokers do not realize how many cigarettes they smoke each day. Others may know the number but feel uncomfortable admitting the amount they are smoking. When a member of our staff assists you with choosing the right e-cigarette products for you, it is necessary that we know the exact number you currently smoke so that we may help you find a selection of e-juices that contain the appropriate nicotine level to ease the transition.
  3. Be open to trying a new product and/or different flavor if the one you purchased wasn’t to your liking. Using e-cigarettes to quit smoking is effective, but you must find a product that you like and enjoy to gain the greatest satisfaction from your e-cigarette.

With the assistance of the Denver Electronic Cigarettes staff, switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes can be a smooth road to achieving your ultimate goal of decreasing or eliminating your nicotine intake and improving your health and lifestyle. From our vast selection to our friendly staff, you will glad you chose us to guide you to your new way of living. Get started on switching to e-cigarettes today by stopping by our shop located at 4340 E. Kentucky Ave., #142, Denver, CO 80246 or calling Denver Electronic Cigarettes at (720) 234-8717. If you are looking for a way to quit smoking without the intense cravings, e-cigarettes can help! Contact us today!