Today, there is still some remaining controversy concerning whether e-cigs are effective for quitting cigarette dependency. However, at Denver Electronic Cigarettes, we can tell you with certainty that e-cigs are a more successful avenue in helping to curb nicotine addictions. Our Denver vape shop carries the latest in vapor technology and e-liquids that can help to eliminate regular cigarettes from your life.

Our customers have repeatedly expressed how surprised they are with the effectiveness of e-cigs in winning the battle against cigarettes. While suddenly quitting can leave you with intense cravings and a high relapse rate, e-cigs ease you into reducing your overall nicotine consumption at a pace that is comfortable for you.Quit Cigarettes Denver ECigs

Here are 3 ways in which e-cigs are effective for quitting smoking:

  1. You can keep your regular routine of smoking throughout your day. Many smokers fail to quit because they try to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day, which simultaneously forces them to forgo their favorite times spent relaxing with a cigarette, such as after dinner. With e-cigs, you can indulge in those smoking times, except with an e-cig that has less nicotine and without the harmful health implications of a cigarette.
  2. You can practice the e-cig step-down method with your nicotine consumption versus shocking your system by an abrupt withdrawal from cigarettes. E-cigarette juices come in a variety of nicotine levels, which allows you to choose a step-down schedule that works for you and affords your body the time it needs to adjust to lowered nicotine levels without the intense physical and psychological symptoms commonly experienced by those quickly quitting smoking.
  3. There are many flavors available to please your taste buds that will take the sting out of quitting cigarettes. If you retrain your taste buds to associate nicotine with flavors other than the cigarette taste and e-cig sessions with pleasant scents, you may just find that the taste and smell of real cigarettes disgust you instead of tempting you to pick up a cigarette.

Quitting cigarettes may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have suffered through previous failures to quit. At Denver Electronic Cigarettes, our knowledgeable and supportive staff is eager to explain how successful this approach has been for our customers and assist you with choosing products from our vast selection that are right for you. We want you to feel confident about taking this proactive step to using the e-cigarette as your tool to quit smoking, so call us today at (720) 234-8717 or visit our shop located at 4340 E. Kentucky Ave., #142, Denver, CO 80246.