Nord VS Nord 2 : fight ! 

After the dazzling success of its legendary Nord Pod with its cobra design, Smok presents today the version 2.0: the Nord 2 Pod.

“Fully improved”, “based on the outstanding features of the Nord Pod” with “more highlights”, according to Smok, the Nord 2 looks quite different from its first version. So, what are the differences? Their similarities? Their specialties? Which is THE pod that will best suit your palate?

Their assets, their limits and their uses… Here is a comparison that should help you make your choice and get started!

Dimensions du Nord Pod et du Nord Pod 2



What is certain is that the new Nord from Smok does not differ from the previous generation in terms of design. Measuring 95 x 30,5 x 20mm for 79g, compared to the Nord Pod of dimensions 94 X 30 X 18,8mm for 80g, the Nord 2 is a few millimeters bigger which does not prevent it from fitting very easily in the tightest pockets and the most crowded bags.


Comparatif Nord Pod et Nord Pod 2

Very compact, these two models shine by the quality of their finely chiseled finishes with two very worked faces and a chrome rim that pierces the eye with its quality assembly.


Détails des Pods Nord et Nord 2


Both equipped with a switch/LED button on their main face, the Nord 2 is distinguished by the presence of a small OLED screen of 0.69” on one of its edges.


Les Nord Pods - Smok

Same look and almost same weight…

After all, you don’t shake up the codes especially when the product is already popular.


Comfort, let’s talk about it! Two pods designed for first-time users must make the user experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

At first glance, the Nord Pod with its single switch has been well thought out to make life easier for cloud users. But, despite having a control screen, the Nord 2 is just as easy to use and maintain.


Remplissage des Pods Nord et Nord 2 - Smok


When it comes to filling the cartridge, the two equipments pull each other. A side filling and a silicone cap. The only difference here is the capacity: 3ml for the Nord against 4.5ml for the Nord 2.


Réglages sur Pods Nord et Nord 2 - Smok


As for the activation mode and settings, the first version of the pod widens the gap. Both offering automatic recognition of the installed Coil and activation by simply pressing the fire button, the Nord pod still distinguishes itself by automatically setting itself to the power needed to get the best out of its Coils. While the Nord 2 will require a wattage adjustment, which can leave room for error and therefore charred Coils.


Sécurités sur les Pods Nord et Nord 2


And because comfort is also equal to safety, Smok does not change a winning team by equipping its two pods with all the necessary safety equipment.



Attention, we enter here in the heart of the subject. Almost identical in design and rather simple to use, the Nord Pod and the Nord 2 Pod are starting to really differentiate themselves on the power they offer to the palate.


Autonomie Nord Pod - Smok

The Nord pod has a 1100mAh battery, rechargeable via micro-USB at 370mA, offering a power range from 10 to 15W.


Autonomie Nord 2 Pod - Smok

As for the Nord 2, it may be as compact as its predecessor, but it has a powerful 1500mAH battery that can command up to 40W and is rechargeable by micro-USB up to 1.2A.


Vape : Nord Pod et Nord 2 Pod - Smok

With one being more frugal and the other more powerful, the two pods end up being significantly different in the style of vape they offer.

Composition du Nord Pod - Smok


Let’s start with the Nord Pod kit. Delivered with a cartridge of 3ml, hosting two removable

Coils Mesh 0.6 ohm and Regular 1.4 ohm and being compatible with the entire range of coils Nord, the first generation of the Nord pod is rather oriented pure MTL or even restrictive direct inhalation (RDL). Devoid of adjustable airflow, but with two side air inlets of 5mm each, the Nord kit offers a warm and tight vape with a hit well marked in the throat to mimic the best feelings of a draw on a traditional cigarette. A perfect little pod to get off the tarmac for good!


Composition du Nord 2 Pod - Smok

Regarding the 2.0 generation of the Nord pod, it is clear that Smok wanted to create the equipment that can follow a vapoteur throughout his life of cloud. Indeed, the Nord 2 Pod comes with not one, but two cartridges Nord and RPM. The first is provided with the Nord DC 0.8ohm (MTL) and can accommodate the entire range of coils Nord. And the second one with the RPM Mesh 0.4ohm (DL) Coil and being compatible with the wide range of RPM coils.

Once again deprived of adjustable airflow, but still equipped with two side airflow of 1cm each, the kit Nord 2 is completely versatile and scalable by even offering the possibility of acquiring the tray RPM RBA to make its own coils. Perfect to expand your vape horizons!


CONCLUSION : Pods Nord et Nord 2 - Smok

Here we are already at the balance sheet. It’s amazing how fast time flies!

As you have seen throughout these lines and these lines of comparison, the Nord Pod and Nord 2 Pod check all the boxes to become THE POD we all want to have. Simple, practical and effective against the irrepressible cravings for clouds, these two pod devices have both everything and nothing comparable.

So, to decide and especially help you make the right choice, let’s summarize the key points to remember:

Its assets:


Thought to offer an experience of the most comfortable, very appreciable in the case of a smoking cessation, the Pod Nord is very simple to use. Intelligent detection of the Coil, safety, LED indicators, automatic settings … You just press the fire to send the cloud while remembering to recharge from time to time. IM-POS-SIBLE to do more simple!


Its limits:

Because it is well known that the strong points can also be weak points, the strengths of the Nord Pod are also its greatest weaknesses. This expert of the tight vape excels only in the pure MTL vape.


Bottom line:

Do you want to make a lasting break from tobacco by finding an effective Quitting tool to deal with your nicotine cravings? You do not run after the clouds and prefer to tight vape? Then the Nord Pod is for you!