A Look in to the Top Starter Kits in Q3 of 2017!!!

Starter Kits are a phenomenal way to get the best bang for your buck and get in to a great set up and begin or continue your vaping journey! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite kits on the market right now! Best CVS ( closed vaping system) : PHIX by MLV Times […] Read More

Why Vaping is Mentally, Physically and Monetarily Beneficial as compared to Smoking

Vaping, as an activity, is quite a lot more beneficial to the mind, body and wallet, as compared to smoking. This is an understood fact that has been supported and compounded by years of medical research, and is now globally recognized. The benefits, which combine to make vaping a more desirable activity than conventional smoking, […] Read More

The Best Custard Juices of 2017 so far…..

    Best Custard Juices of 2017 So Far… While juice preferences vary as widely as those who vape, custard juices remain a staple in almost every shop you enter. However, these custard flavors vary widely and offer different profiles and notes through each and every one. Let’s take a look at DEC’s favorites for […] Read More

How Vaping has Transformed the Smoking Scene Globally

Vaping is one of the latest in a wave of new, healthy trends which are taking the world by storm. Right up there with the modern healthy eating revolution, vaping burst onto the scene and completely changed the way people partook in stress relief and addiction feeding (without actually feeding addictions!). Users of vaping instruments […] Read More

How to Determine Nicotine Content in a Vaping liquid

If you are an experienced vaping enthusiast, you will have surely gone shopping for vaping liquids, and found yourself confused by the various measurements on the packets. Some of those packets may even have different measuring units, which can be quite confusing and sometimes even harmful to you, since you will be taking in nicotine […] Read More

A Beginners’ Guide to Vaping Tools

It’s often fascinating to see someone vaping, with a rich, thick aroma wafting off them, and a hefty cloud of perfectly bodied smoke issuing from their mouths. While there have been several discussions on the concept of vaping, and some people disagree with it as an acceptable public activity, you cannot deny that it looks […] Read More

Does your E-Liquid have an Expiration Date?

Vaping liquids are some of the highest selling novelty smoking items in the world. This has led to thousands upon thousands of varieties popping up on the market, all offering a novel sensation. All of them though, come adorned with an expiration date on the container, which begs the question of whether an e-liquid really does have […] Read More

4 Reasons to Drop the Cigarette and Start Vaping

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Vapor Cigarette vs. Electronic Cigarette

Advances in technology in the 21st century have provided us with many ways to enjoy tobacco and other substances. If you’re wondering what the differences are between vaping and E cigarettes, you’re not alone. Here are some are some of the differences between a vapor cigarette and an electronic cigarette: E cigarettes were invented in 2003 […] Read More

How Vaping Can Help You Lose Weight!

There are many benefits to vaping: the convenience, the look and feel of vaporizers, and the variety of flavors available. But one of the biggest benefits of visiting your local vapor shop and vaping is the benefits to your health! In addition to helping folks quit smoking, vaping has another major health benefit. Vaping can […] Read More