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About Our Denver Vape Shop

Denver Electronic Cigarettes was founded in 2012. As former smokers, we started vaping in 2008/2009 in an attempt to move away from traditional cigarettes. As soon as we found vaping, we knew we had found a solution that worked for us. When we first started vaping, a lot of our friends were curious about the vape pens we were using and many people would ask where they could get one of their own. At the time, the industry was so new that we were forced to order most products online and the selection and quality were lacking. After much careful thought and planning, we decided to open a brick and mortar vape shop in order to help our customers choose the best hardware and liquid for their needs.

The vaping industry moved so fast! New hardware, more advanced tanks, and ever more creative flavors of liquid began popping up. With the power of innovation, we saw vaping move from small, simple, low voltage e-cigarettes to high-tech vaping systems with external batteries, high wattage capabilities and temperature regulated mods with bluetooth and touch screens.

Our sole purpose and passion throughout the journey of Denver Electronic Cigarettes has been to ensure that each and every one our guests leaves feeling 100% empowered to use vaping as a way to make a positive change in their lives. We want our guests to know that we are here to educate them on how to use and maintain the hardware they choose, to help them choose the perfect liquid from our hundreds of available flavors, and to just provide them with a welcoming place to hang out and relax. We offer comfortable bar and/or lounge seating in all of our locations so our guests can feel at home.

Vape gear and product selection at Denver Electronic Cigarettes

Vaping is not just for smokers who want to substitute traditional cigarettes with vape gear , vaping is also a hobby for many people as they enjoy experimenting with new flavors, new coil builds, and cloud tricks and competitions. We offer a wide selection of E-liquids, and we are constantly adding new flavors to keep current with latest innovations and trends. We enjoy seeking out the most delicious, aromatic, and high quality flavor combinations on the market. We carry hundres of options ranging from simple fruity flavors to sweet and complex desserts and everything in between. flavors. We offer top shelf, premium, national brands as well as local brands made here in Colorado. We also carry a wide variety of vape systems from the most simple starter kits for beginners to the most advanced mods and RDAs for hobbyists and cloud chasers.

We have everything that both a novice and an experienced vaper will need. Our goal is to provide a wide selection of top brands at the best prices while offering incredible customer service. Guest experience and satisfaction is our number 1 goal. We want to earn your business and do whatever it takes to maintain your trust and loyalty. We understand that you have options when purchasing vaporizers and vape supplies, and we thank you for choosing Denver Electronic Cigarettes and supporting us on this journey.

We hope you will take the time to browse this site and learn more about our products. We invite you to visit any of our three stores today so you can chat in person with our knowledgeable and helpful staff. We have a guest-centered focus and company culture. We encourage our guests to lead the converations and decide where they would like to start, either by asking us questions, sampling flavors, or trying out the latest hardware. Our team is available 7 days a week to provide you with the best vape shop experience in Denver. We take your happiness and satisfaction seriously and are proud of the reputation we have earned in Denver and Aurora. We have 1 store in Glendale and 2 stores in Aurora and we are ready to serve your needs! Aurora .