As vapor cigarettes in Denver become more and more popular, there are still many people who try e-cigarettes and find that the experience isn’t quite as satisfying as smoking. Some will turn back to traditional cigarettes simply because e-cigs just did not give them the strong throat hit they were craving.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes or have had a similar experience, it’s important to understand what throat hit is and how you can adjust your e-cig to make your vaping experience more satisfying. After all, vaporizers are actually much better for your body.

Getting the Most of Your Vapor Cigarettes

The sensation you feel in your lungs and in the back of your throat whenever you inhale traditional cigarette smoke or e-cigarette vapor is something that many smokers enjoy. Smoking e-cigarettes is a bit different in terms of getting this sensation, but it’s still possible and they can provide a great overall smoking experience.

Just like e-cigarettes, the intensity varies with traditional cigarettes depending on the brand you choose. Many brands also have “light” versions of their cigarettes that offer a lighter sensation than their regular cigarettes. Similarly, if you’re looking for a stronger flavor and intensity, you can choose correlating vapor cigarettes to suit your needs.

The best way to ensure that you are getting the right electronic cigarettes is simply to visit a great location with the expert advice that you need. At Denver Electronic Cigarettes, you’ll be able to explain what you prefer about traditional cigarettes in terms of flavor and strength, and we’ll be able to recommend the best system and e-juice options for your needs! Here are some aspects that factor into your overall vapor cigarette experience:

E-Liquid Flavor

Finding the right flavor for your electronic cigarette is key. One of the great things about e-cigarettes is that there are so many flavors to choose from, but some of them may not give the effect you are looking for. Working with someone who really knows about vapor cigarettes can help when it comes to finding the best flavor.

While you may enjoy exotic flavors like cherry, vanilla or coffee, you may want to consider switching over to a tobacco flavored liquid to enjoy a more satisfying experience that is closer to that of a traditional cigarette.

Nicotine Levels

The e-liquid’s nicotine level may also have an effect on the overall experience. High nicotine levels will produce more vapor.

It’s also important to make sure that you keep your device clean and your battery charged. When e-liquid levels start to run low, the device will have a more difficult time producing vapor.  If you’re not getting the satisfying throat hit you want, don’t give up on e-cigarettes just yet. It may take a few adjustments to find the right e-liquid and e-cig device for you. Contact Denver Electronic Cigarettes today or stop by our store for help!

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