Benefits of Vaping

Without getting into any of health benefits of using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers rather than cigarettes, lets talk about some of the OTHER amazing benefits of vaping. At Denver Electronic Cigarettes, we want you to be informed about this decision!
First, vaping on electronic cigarettes doesn’t stink! Most of us know how potent cigarette smoke can be, especially in confined spaces. The smell can linger on your hands, skin, and on your clothes and hair. When you vape on an electronic cigarette, there is only a light, pleasant scent from the flavor concentrate. The scent does not linger, and it won’t stick around for long.

Choosing to Make the Switch

Next, vaping is a lot less expesive than smoking cigarettes. You can get started with a high quality, long lasting e-cig starter kit for around $20.00. That is less than a pack a day smoker spends in just ONE week. Saving money is something everyone can get on board with.
Last, vaping is an exciting hobby and trying out new flavors of e-juice is like sampling craft brews or tasting all the yummy creations during Restaurant Week. There are so many incredible flavors of e-juice available today. You can vape on almost any flavor you enjoy. There are the classic favorites such as watermelon, espresso, peaches and cream, and red hot cinnamon. Or, why not try something a little off the wall like popcorn, bubblegum, or mojito? You can even make your own customized flavors by mixing what you find on store shelves.
Contact us today for more information, or if you have any questions about the benefits of vaping over traditional smoking! Denver Electronic Cigarettes is always happy to help.

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