GeekVape Sonder Q

GeekVape are literally spoiling us with this release, the new Sonder Q gives you more for the same price as the original Sonder. In these trying times, how often do you hear this?

– Tank capacity: 2ml
– Battery capacity: 1000mAh
– Coil resistance: 0.8ohm
– Output wattage: 5-20W
– Adjustable Airflow
– Tri-colour LED Logo
– Top-Fill pod
– Auto-draw

























Don’t expect much with this pod, it’s not a kit as such as you just get the device and a single pod, usually a con but this is aimed as an affordable starter kit and is priced to persuade folks away from those nasty disposables.

The Sonder Q is in a simple carton box with a sealed bag containing the device with a 0.8ohm pod preinstalled.


First Impressions and Overview

Before I go too in depth, I need to get the comparison out of the way, the Sonder Q might as well be named something different as it so different to the original Sonder.


Firstly the pods are different and the new won’t fit the old and vice-versa, that’s a pity for those who own the original and have spare pods, but for new users it won’t matter as long as you make sure you order ‘Q’ pod replacements.

The rest of the differences make it all worthwhile upgrading; the best is the adjustable airflow which works a charm, the original had fixed airflow which was a tad loose. The pod is so much better, it fits better, has a better mouthpiece and an easier top-fill. The body is thinner and narrower but is also a touch taller. Then there’s chrome logo, on the old one it was just a stuck on badge for styling, on the new it has an embedded breathing LED light. They are both plastic bodies, but somehow the Sonder Q seems far better quality and feels it too.

With that out of the way, the Sonder Q looks pretty slick with the colour gradient option. It looks like a metal body at first but it is a smooth feeling plastic which I actually prefer over similar metal body pods I own, mainly due to how it feels in your hand. The ribbed edges makes it tactile and grippy.

I really like the branding too, that chrome ‘SONDER’ badge stands out, but the rest is really subtle with an etched look. The mouthpiece looks and feels slimmer which is a good balance for MTL and a possible RDL.

The charging port is on the side and accepts standard USB-C (the same as most smart-phones/tablets etc.) and this is when I first saw the LED which lights up the ‘SONDER’ evenly and slightly breathes. It is also tri-colour as a status light, it doubles as a charging level and a battery status while vaping:

– Green is above 60%
– Blue is between 30-60%
– Red is below 30%.

The pod is a magnetic fit and sits deeply into the body, the fit is spot-on with no play. There’s a clear section that sticks out to see your e-liquid level, once it is below the visible section, you know it’s time to top-up but there’s still around 0.5ml left in it.

You will only need to remove the pod for cleaning or replacing for a new one, the mouthpiece levers off to reveal the filling port.

*Make sure you fill it up through the hole on one side and NOT the centre hole which is the coil.

Filling it up was very easy and seemed a bit easier than the original as I could fill it up to the top with no mess or air-locks as there’s a little flap rather than a tight silicone bung, it just worked well.



The Sonder Q delivers a faultless and flavourful vape right off the bat, in fact it is the best MTL vape I have had from any GeekVape device. The 0.8ohm pod delivers a saturated, smooth, and warmish draw. It can keep up with chain vaping and with the airflow open fully, you can just about get a restricted DL (direct lung), but I felt the Sonder Q better suited MTL (mouth to lung).

To put it simply; you get a high end vape quality for a bargain price, for a humble pod, I wouldn’t change a thing. It has all I need thanks to the adjustable airflow which closes off to a cheek-pulling tight MTL draw which I crave. Sure there’s no adjustable power, but that doesn’t matter with the well balance, near perfect hit I got from it.

The 1000mAh battery lasted ages which is pretty good. A lot of similar priced pods only give you around 650mAh.


Diss-Posable Income

The GeekVape Sonder Q is a true disposable-killer, it beats any disposable I have tried hands down. The vape quality is so much better and you get a much stronger and more saturated hit with the 0.8ohm pod, but there’s also other ohm options if that doesn’t suit you. The 1.2ohm will give you a more familiar vape, for the slightest effort of refilling yourself and waiting a few minutes you get the benefits of:

– Huge savings
– Better vape quality
– More predictable (battery status and eliquid visibility)
– More sustainable
– No E-waste
– Longer lasting

In the early days of disposables, the vape was very different with exceptional flavour, and that appealed to a lot of folks and beginners. These days e-liquids have caught up, and with the right hardware, such as this Sonder Q, we cannot see any benefit of disposables other than the ‘instant’ appeal, but once you get going, there’s no more waiting as each refill brings instant-ness anyway.



The Sonder Q is one of those vapes we’d confidently recommend to ANY beginner or disposable user, but experienced vapers will love it too.

Its advantages :

– Very affordable price.
– Long-lasting pods.
– No leakage problems.
– Adjustable airflow.
– Sleek design.
– Good grip.
– Replacement pods are affordable.
– Compatible with lanyards.

In short, Geekvape’s Sonder Q offers an exceptional vaping experience for users of all levels, while being an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposables.