GeekVape P Series Coils (5-pack)

GeekVape P Series Coils (5-pack)

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The P Series Coils are low resistance mesh coils that provide incredibly high power performance, designed for multiple devices from GeekVape.

These coils generate more vapor directly to the lungs and feature an anti spit-back mesh core and longer service life.

Get the GeekVape P Series Coils to ensure an excellent taste experience during vaping where each underlying tone of taste can be perceived and every level of flavor can be sensed.

Specifications :

  • P0.2Ω KA1 Coil (60-70W)
  • P0.4Ω KA1 Coil (50-60W)
  • P0.5Ω KA1 Coil (40-50W)

Additional information


0.15 XM Ohm, 0.2Ohm, 0.4Ohm, 0.5Ohm


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