Sapphyre Salt Nicotine Additive

Sapphyre Salt Nicotine Additive

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Looking to get more out of your e-liquid? Check out Sapphyre Nic Concentrated Nicotine Additive! Turn any e-liquid into your desired nic strength!

How it works :

  • First, choose your favorite e-liquid in 0mg. It is best to use an e-liquid where the PG is 70% or less. This will ensure the best results in any non sub ohm/pod style device. It is not recommended to use any nic salt e-liquid in sub ohm devices.
  • Next, remove the Sapphyre nic salt cap and drip tip. Add your e-liquid directly into the Sapphyre nic salt bottle. Leave a little room at the top to be able to mix the e-liquid with the nicotine. Make sure to secure the drip tip and cap back onto the nic salt bottle before shaking.
  • Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds. You will know that your e-liquid has been mixed well when you can see that tiny bubbles have been distributed evenly throughout the bottle. Once you have shaken the sapphyre nic salt bottle, your e-liquid is instantly ready to be vaped.


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