Ipv Eclipse


  • Size: 90.2mm * 51.1mm * 31mm
  • Weight 181.1g
  • Powered by the awesome and robust YiHi SX420 Chipset
  • Easy user interface through the advanced SXi-Q operating system from Yihi
  • Full-color TFT IPS High Definition screen
  • Sturdy and reliable side-firing bar with pounds of pressure resistance, preventing accidental firing
  • Customizable wallpaper/background
  • Highly-accurate temperature control presets for Stainless SS316L/Nickel Ni200/Titanium/SX Pure as well as Manual TCR for any wire types. Manual TCR range between 0.00050-0.00700
  • Power and Temp ramp-up pre-configured modes of Soft, Eco, Standard, Powerful, and Powerful+
  • SXi-Q-S1 mode allows full customization of temperature control at half second intervals over a 20 second fire time. Build your own ramp-up!
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Balanced charging with multi-colored battery charge indicators
  • Double-locking battery door
  • Safety protections from: low voltage, low resistance, high input voltage, overheat, output short circuit, and reverse battery/reverse polarity
  • Auto-setting coil resistance along with customizable coil resistance control
  • Output Ranges:
    • Power: 5W-200W
    • Voltage: 1.0V – 9.5V
    • Temperature 212 ° F – 572 ° F or 100 ° C – 300 ° C
    • Joules (watts of power radiated per second) 10J 120J


  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Eclipse IPV 200W Box Mod
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