Hohm Life 20700

Hohm Life 20700

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Hohm Tech is making it easier to find quality 20700 batteries with their powerful Hohm Tech SHERLOCK Hohm 20700 2782 mAh Battery. This rechargeable battery has a nominal voltage of 3.7V but functions well between 3.0-4.2V . The maximum charging rate for the SHERLOCK battery is 3.15A and the continuous discharge rate is 28.4A. The SHERLOCK 20700 is composed of a high grade Lithium ion INR (Li-NiMn) material with a flat top positive connection. According to the manufacturer, each of Hohm Tech cell model is tested and certified for durability and safety so you know you’re getting a high quality product. If you need a battery that can perform, then be sure to pick up your Hohm Tech SHERLOCK Hohm 20700 2782 mAh Battery today.

Features :

  • Dimensions: Height:-65mm / Diameter:-18.2mm
  • Weight: 46.8g
  • Battery Capacity: 2782mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 3.6V
  • Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V
  • Continuous Amp Limit: Hohm Tech rates as 28.4A Max Continuous or 47.8A Max


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