Flavor Apprentice RY4 Double

Flavor Apprentice RY4 Double

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RY4 Double gives a strong, sweet tobacco taste with notes of caramel and vanilla. It’s also a fairly strong concentrate, so a small amount is enough. Although the main flavor is tobacco, many users don’t feel like they’re smoking a tobacco flavor because it tastes so deliciously sweet, almost like a dessert, that it can become the ultimate tobacco flavor for some people. If you’ve ever wondered, the name “RY4” comes from the original e-cig produced by the Ruyan Group Ltd, which launched the first production electronic cigarette on the market in 2004. The name “Ruyan” was commonly abbreviated to RY, followed by the number of the flavor blend, so “Ruyan blend #4” simply becomes RY4.



RY4 Double

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15ml, 500ml