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Are you looking to make your own liquids for your electronic cigarette? . Denver Electronic Cigarettes vape shop has an extensive collection in Denver Aurora, Colorado of concentrated flavors from over 100 concentrated flavors Brands to create a unique e-liquid DIY recipe.

We have selected for you dozens of flavors, from the most authentic to the most original. Whatever it’s Fruity, Desert, iced, or classics flavors, you are bound to find the flavor you need for your DIY creations!

vape juice flavors Denver

For E-liquid DIY creations with a unique flavor, discover our selection of concentrated flavors! for sale and at a very cheap prices with same day delivery in Denver, Aurora Colorado

The concentrated flavorings for DIY E-juice are natural flavors used is the food industry, the same ones we consume every day ( in juices, Bakeries, candies… ).

vaping flavors Denver

DIY flavors are usually sold in a 10ml bottle, with a safety cap and a dropper, in order to make your e-liquid easily and accurately.

IMPORTANT: Please note that flavors cannot be vaped on their own! In order to be used, DIY concentrates must be diluted in a neutral PG/VG base, or nicotine Base.

If these concentrated flavors can be diluted in any neutral base, it will be necessary to think of adapting their dosage to the proportions of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin of its base.

Here are some of the concentrated flavor brands that we carry in our one stop shop for cheap and high quality concentrated flavors in Denver, Aurora Colorado: Capella, Liquid Barn, Flavor Art, Flavor Apprentice, Flavor West, Mr. Good Vapes, DIY or Die, One Hit Wonder.

You can explore our growing range of concentrated flavors on this page and remember, spend 50$ or more and Get Same day Delivery in our area or FREE shipping in USA.

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